Thursday, 16 June 2011

Youth Garbage Clean-up

“YUK, how can people do this to our nature!” This comment was made many times as 18 young students and teachers from the Gymnasium worked with the staff of The Community Fund of Dolyna and Peace Corps volunteers, Roberta and James Eleazer on a community clean-up. The clean up, sponsored by Dolyna mayor, Volodymyr Hazard was conducted at the kolyba’s in Shandra. The students collected over thirty large bags of trash and cleaned only a small area at the popular picnic and swimming area. “It is evident that the disposal of garbage is a major problem at this location,” states Roberta. Not only is the garbage unsightly, but it also is unsanitary. The plastic fouls the water, the broken bottles are very dangerous for children and the garbage makes a terrible impression on our tourists. The student and volunteers were very surprised that people spend the day in this beautiful area and then throw their garbage in the trees surrounding the banks of the river. All the volunteers would like to ask our people to take their garbage home with them when they leave our nature. Thank you to Mayor Hazard for funding the clean-up and providing lunch for the students. 

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