About Us/Про нас

Larysa G is the grant manager of the Community Fund of Dolyna and the  budget manager. She is a highly qualified translator/interpreter. Larysa has over 6 years of experience working in an NGO in Dolyna, Ukraine. She has a degree as a specialist in linguistics (French, English, German, Ukrainian and Russian) from the Drogobych National Teaching University, Ukraine. She has also been employed as a part-time teacher at the 2008 Vygoda School for the Visually Impaired, teaching French, English and German since 2008. Larysa has engaged in numerous trainings including: Marketing for Non-profit Organizations, Lviv, Ukraine, Advocacy: team-building trainings, Dolyna, Ukraine, Project writing training, Dolyna, Ukraine, Level 1 Grant writing training, Dolyna, Ukraine, Certificate of Training, School coaches (Level 1) Counterpart Creative Center (NGO), Kyiv, Ukraine, Level 1 Volunteerism training, Dolyna, Ukraine, and Level 1 Fundraising training, Dolyna, Ukraine. Larysa engaged in a 6 week business internship in Kansas, USA and again visited the USA as an interpreter to the mayor of Dolyna for the signing of the sister-city agreement in 2008.  She traveled in 2007 to attend a training/conference in Municipalities, EU Regionalism and Institutional Reforms, ‘Szeged Process - From Europe to Europe’, A project to accelerate the process of democratization in East and South East Europe, Szeged, Hungary. In 2005 she attended training at the Educational Center, in Innsbruck, Austria and in 2003 she attended the Institute of foreign languages and international cultural exchanges, Bonn, Germany.

Natalie Ivaniv is the communications manager. Natalie has a Master’s diploma in journalism from the Ivan Franko Lviv National University and in 2009 participated in a student international volunteer exchange program, La Motte-Servolex, in France. She has completed Level 1 Coaches training at the Creative Counterpart Center in Kyiv, fundraising training with Eleonora and Andri Vasynyk and 6 weeks of grant writing training with Peace Corps Volunteers Roberta and James Eleazer. Additionally Natalie participated in a 3-day advocacy training conducted by Oleg Levchenko, executive director of the Podilsk regional development agencies and marketing for NGO’s in Lviv at the Catholic University. She has produced trainings in Tlumach and Mukachevo in the subjects of project management and school newspaper management.  Natalie is a 2010 winner of The “Space of Change” program established by Arseniy Yatsenyuk’s Open Ukraine Foundation.