Thursday, 30 June 2011


We are sponsoring two camps this week.

ART CAMP. The art school in Dolyna is very small and can only take about 80 students a year. This camp is providing pencils and paints to students who cannot afford to attend the regular school. Although school is free the students need to provide their own supplies. (rayon school administrators provide heat, lights and small salaries). Many students from poorer families or orphans don't have the resources needed to attend these kind of extra activities. Our grants has purchased supplies for these students. The camp is being taught by 5 very talented art students who have been attending this school for over 4 years. These students are volunteers and are led by the director, Oleg and his wonderful assistant Ira. We have visited this camp the last two days and it is amazing. The concentration of the students is inspiring and the kindness of Oleg, Ira and teachers is heartwarming. I wish we could provide this year around. We have done many projects in Dolyna these last two years but Oleg and his crew make very proud and so happy that we selected them to do a project with. Next week the students will go to the mayors datcha for a day of painting in the forest. We will make tea, have a fire and watch them paint to their hearts content.

Student teacher helping a student from the 1st class

ENGLISH CAMP. Our second camp is the English camp at the local library. We have done an English club for two years but this summer decided to do a camp. Anna, Jim and I are running this camp and we have 6 days of fun activities. Today the students went on a scavenger hunt through Dolyna searching for items from the letters of the alphabet. What fun it was to go to the small local stores and watch these shy kids ask for items in Ukrainian and then try to find items in English. They asked a lady for something that starts with the letter Q. She just laughed and laughed and said I don't know English. We finally found Q-tips. Most of the word were new for the students but it sure was fun. After the event we started a spelling bee. It was so much fun, we decided to challenge to a competition this winter.

The Girls Team


Boys Team - old flower, dead flower, yellow flower, pink flower etc.... The boys did most of the alphabet in this weed garden.

Looking for something with the letter Q

Larysa helped them find ornaments for O and then umbrella for U.

This great idea came stright from the boys X for Zerox. The lady thought they were a little crazy but she played along.

Sponsoring these two camps will be the highlight of the summer. To see their smiling faces and hear their joyous laughter makes tough days sure worthwhile.

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