Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Summer English Club

Peace Corps Volunteers Robin & Jim Eleazer and Anna Kreitzer will sponsor a summer english camp at the Dolyna Library, June 29 and 30th, July 5 and 6th and August 17th and 18th from 1:30-4:30.

All students must registrar for the camp so we have enough supplies. Students who attend all camps will receive an “English Camp Certificate” Camp costs 50 UAH for 6 sessions to help pay for supplies. Registration will be held to 35 students. Call the library at 2-81-36 to registrar.

June 29th – Scavenger Hunt. Teams for 4 students go looking for items using the letters A to Z. (1:45-3:00) Come back to the library and make a presentation for a grand prize. Ideas include:
A is for Apple
B is for a blade of grass

C is for a clover leaf
R is for a rock
W is for wild flowers

June 30th- String Bracelets

July 5 – 4th of July celebration. Why America celebrates the 4th of July. A trip through the United States of America.

July 6th- An American picnic and kick ball. (Hand out movie vocabulary)

August 17th – Movie. Student pretend to buy tickets to come to the movie. Discuss the vocabulary. Watch movie and then discuss.

August 18th - Awards Party. Certificates, snacks and student presentations.

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