Thursday, 30 June 2011


Positioning Conference "pilot" community foundations in the framework of the "School community foundations'  ISAR "Unity" with the assistance of the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation

Dear colleagues!
The team of "School community foundations" sincerely thank you for participating in the contest to support a "pilot" community foundations in Ukraine that was held ISAR "Unity" with the financial support of them. C. S. Mott.
Your application has passed the first and second qualifying round of the competition and was recommended by the Expert Council to support the program. The results of an identification mission, which is made by representatives of the School community foundations, also indicate that your initiative to create a "pilot" fund a community can be supported by the School community foundations.
Welcome! Your application was selected from among 82 others that we received from the various initiatives and organizations from all regions of Ukraine (the competition - more than 20 applicants for 1 seat). Your initiative to create a community fund will become a "pilot" community fund as part of school community foundations. I sincerely hope you are aware of the special responsibilities assigned to all "pilot" community funds, and with honor will tackle the difficult challenges that await in this way.
The first step in our further cooperation, we see your participation in the installation of the conference "pilot" community foundations, which will be held July 6 in Kiev. During the conference, scheduled signing framework agreements with organizations and initiatives, which will be supported as part of school community foundations (details will be communicated to you the following letter).
staff of the School community foundations

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